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03 Oct 2018
Facebook Messenger live chat to Your Website

Setup Facebook Messenger Chat to Any Website

Create Facebook Messenger Bot And Integrate With Website Over 100 Million chat bots are deployed within Facebook Messenger Platform to serve anyone looking to engage or try to get additional information. Deploy Facebook Messenger Bot for your Facebook page so that your customers, fans, or prospects can chat with you and get to know more about […]

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09 Sep 2018

Secure Your WordPress Website

Secure Your WordPress Website WordPress (WP) is a very power platform – nearly one in three websites on the Internet use WordPress. Because of it’s popularity, hackers use software to target websites using WP. Hackers attack vulnerabilities that are common with improperly or poorly configured WP websites. Protect your investment by having it professionally hardened […]

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04 Sep 2018

Fix WordPress Issues Or Errors

Fix any WordPress Issues and Errors Hello everyone, Do you have a WordPress issue that is driving you mad? You need help, Let me solve your problems now! If you are using WordPress and want to solve WP issues, errors and any kind of WP problem i will help you. Whatever theme you are using […]

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03 Sep 2018
Wordpress Multilingual Wpml

Add WPML Multilingual to WordPress Website, Translate Any Language

Install And Configure WordPress Multilingual WPML Plugin with Lifetime Licence What is WPML? WPML is a premium (paid) plugin built for WordPress websites. By extending the functionality of the WordPress CMS, WPML allows your website to be written in different languages and have front-end translation abilities. It also comes packed with advanced features for managing your […]

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31 Aug 2018

Setup MailChimp Integration Or Newsletters Automation

Setup MailChimp Or Newsletters Automation Don’t want to spend extra time on your webpage for sending Newsletter or Promotions..??? We will help to create an automatic campaign. Services you will get – Integration Mailchimp Mailchimp campaign Mailchimp forms Mailchimp Landing page Template design Mailchimp newsletter Mailchimp automation Automatic email sending Schedule email Send Newsletter Full Account […]

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26 Aug 2018
Add 2Checkout Payment Gateway To Your Website

Integrate 2Checkout Payment Gateway To Your Website

One of the Best Starting Point to Sri Lankan Small Business Owners The great starting place for smaller merchants with fewer products. If you want to sell your products online using 2CheckOut (2CO) then you are in right place. Integrate a payment system on your website. We have extensive experience in 2Checkout Payment Gateway integration. We […]

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24 Aug 2018
Add Dialog eZ Cash Payment Gateway To Your Website

Add Dialog eZ Cash Payment Gateway To Your Website

How Internet Payments Work Step 1: At the point of payment when you select eZ Cash as the preferred payment option, you will be routed to the eZ Cash secured payment gateway. Step 2: Enter the mobile number and the eZ Cash PIN on the payment gateway Step 3: Then you will get a random PIN on an SMS to your […]

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12 Aug 2018

Local Bank Payment Gateways in Sri Lanka, What You Need To Know

Hello everyone, E-commerce startups seem like a really popular thing these days. Now plenty of people can tell you how to set up a great site, but there’re two things any e-commerce site needs a payment gateway and a working search function. Search hasn’t been solved yet. As of the time of writing, Ikman’s search […]

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19 Jan 2018
Login with Facebook button

Facebook Login To Your Website

Hi everyone, I provide a service of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linked logins integration in website that support PHP. How I will achieve this job: 1.      Create App 2.      Integrate the App with your site. 3.      Do all App Settings 4.      Live the App How social media login or signup works Consider a user comes on your site […]

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23 Nov 2017
Web Design Cost Sri Lanka

Web Design Cost in Sri Lanka

Main Costs Can Be Grouped Into Three Main Categories One time fee / costs Recurring costs ( yearly / monthly ) Usage-based costs One Time Website Costs: Web page designing cost ( designing of the home page, inner pages, and layout in a graphical format) Web development cost ( converting the graphical design in to […]

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