Mobile Websites & Flash

Open Your Door to More New Patients with a Mobile Website and an iPad Friendly Website!

We are in the middle of the Mobile Revolution. Everywhere you look people are using mobile devices for just about everything. The most popular mobile devices being used to surf the web are the Apple iPhone, Android and the Apple iPad.

We create websites in all 3 versions: Desktop, Mobile, and Fully Mobile/iPad Friendly versions so that your new site works across multiple platforms and reaches a much larger audience.

Why Do I Want a Mobile Website?

Most websites wouldn’t work on a smart phones. They’re slow to load, laborious to look at and don’t supply the correct reasonably expertise for purchasers on-the-go. By 2014, it is estimated there’ll be 4.5 billion cell phone users worldwide victimization their phones to surf the net and appearance for data and services. If your business isn’t on the mobile internet, your customers won’t be able to search you.

Flash Website Conversion

It’s obvious that in the technical world, things change fast. The web industry is no exception. Since your web site is the primary way that you reach new customers, it’s important that it stays up to date with the latest technology trends.
Problems like browser incompatibility, poor display on popular mobile devices, and an outdated user interface are all reasons why potential customers might choose to leave your site in the dust.

changing from your current Flash web site to a widely supported Content Management System (CMS) such as Joomla is both easy and affordable.