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04 Jan 2019
Commercial Bank Payment Gateway

Add Commercial Bank Payment Gateway to Your Website

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon has announced it will provide its internet payment gateway (IPG) facility to support a new e-commerce platform in Sri Lanka. Enables merchants to process internationally recognized debit and credit cards right on their websites with much ease and peace of mind. Users too are at comfort making transactions online, resulting […]

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05 Nov 2018
Add Payhere Payment Gateway to Your Website

Add Payhere Sri Lanka’s Payment Gateway to Your Website

Sri Lanka’s Most Affordable, Innovative & All-in-One Free Payment Gateway Service How To Register and Get Payhere payment Gateway Step : 1 Create Account in Payhere, Click here to Apply for a Free PayHere Merchant Account. Step: 2 Complete Payhere’s application Step: 3 Awaiting for your application approvals. Estimate time 2-3 days Step: 3 Contact us […]

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26 Aug 2018
Add 2Checkout Payment Gateway To Your Website

Integrate 2Checkout Payment Gateway To Your Website

One of the Best Starting Point to Sri Lankan Small Business Owners The great starting place for smaller merchants with fewer products. If you want to sell your products online using 2CheckOut (2CO) then you are in right place. Integrate a payment system on your website. We have extensive experience in 2Checkout Payment Gateway integration. We […]

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24 Aug 2018
Add Dialog eZ Cash Payment Gateway To Your Website

Add Dialog eZ Cash Payment Gateway To Your Website

How Internet Payments Work Step 1: At the point of payment when you select eZ Cash as the preferred payment option, you will be routed to the eZ Cash secured payment gateway. Step 2: Enter the mobile number and the eZ Cash PIN on the payment gateway Step 3: Then you will get a random PIN on an SMS to your […]

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12 Aug 2018

Local Bank Payment Gateways in Sri Lanka, What You Need To Know

Hello everyone, E-commerce startups seem like a really popular thing these days. Now plenty of people can tell you how to set up a great site, but there’re two things any e-commerce site needs a payment gateway and a working search function. Search hasn’t been solved yet. As of the time of writing, Ikman’s search […]

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05 Jun 2017

Add PayPal Payment Gateway to your Website

Hello everyone, If you want to integrate PayPal button to your website, you are in the right place. I have extensive experience in PayPal integration. I have worked on several websites and integrated PayPal on them. Sri Lanka Supported. How does it work When a customer makes a payment, PayPal will send a notification to the server […]

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