27 Oct 2018
Facebook Messenger live chat to Your Website

Setup Facebook Messenger Chat to Any Website

Create Facebook Messenger Bot And Integrate With Website

Over 100 Million chatbots are deployed within Facebook Messenger Platform to serve anyone looking to engage or try to get additional information. Deploy Facebook Messenger Bot for your Facebook page so that your customers, fans, or prospects can chat with you and get to know more about your product, solution or services.

Why I Need Messenger Bot

Why I need a bot? 53% of people say they are more likely to do business with a business they can message and get a quick reply quickly. Sometimes it takes hours to respond to a message due to any reason and because of that, you can lose potential buyer or customer. that’s why you need to bot for your page so if you are away then your bot will be answering the people less then a second. What bot can do? Bots can answer multiple questions. For example, providing data about a specific item in your shop or answering on user requests for guideline or help users to find you in their city or services you offer. What do I provide? you must have a Facebook Fan page where you want to integrate your bot.

Create Messenger Bot For Your Facebook Fan Page

Over a billion people around the world use Messenger every moment. Many businesses have started to build Bots for their pages to grow their business. So if you’re also looking to build a bot for your business page then you’re at right place. No need to look any further. Here is what I will do for you: I will create a Chatbot for your Facebook page that will chat with your customers in your absence.

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