18 Jun 2017

Speed Up Your Website and Improve Website Performance

Nowadays Mobile users normally have slower connections, but they likely sites to load just as fast.

Speeding up your site is vital – It’s not just to grading well with Google, but to keep your website profits high. So contact Web Design Sri Lanka today, I’m going to save seconds off your site speed and enjoy higher profits to boot.

Below are a quick factors to enhance fast web experience

• HTTP Requests
• Reduce server response time
• Gzip Compression
• Browser caching
• Minify Resources
• Optimize images
• Optimize CSS Delivery
• Prioritize scripts etc…
• Speed up your WordPress website

As a experienced web specialist, We discover where websites are leaking out money and help fix them.

Faster websites / blogs get higher conversions. Check your website speed now.

How to Check my Website Speed

Google Speed Tool
Google Speed Insight

This is Anothor Populor Tool
GT Metrix

We’ll optimize your website speed for better website ranking

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