13 Sep 2017

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Old websites do not display too well on mobile devices with smaller screens. Earlier people used to create separate mobile websites targeting specific devices like mobiles, tabs etc. The visitors to your site were redirect to a specific mobile website after detecting the device being use by the visitor

Responsive Design and Viewable

This was to ensure that the website was optimal design and viewable on those specific devices. Without the need of optional zooming, scrolling, panning etc.

However, with time, the number of mobile devices have increased many folds and is continually on the rise. Therefore, it is no longer possible to design separate mobile websites targeting every specific device. It is costly, time manner, and difficult to maintain at the same time.

Since, this process of Mobile Web Design mainly creates separate mobile websites, therefore, you ended up having different URLs with duplicate content, which is bad and also do not go very well with search engines. Also, the mobile device detection process was often fault sending the visitor to the wrong mobile website version of the site. Order your Responsive Website Now Order now


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