03 Sep 2018
Wordpress Multilingual Wpml

Add WPML Multilingual to WordPress Website, Translate Any Language

Install And Configure WordPress Multilingual WPML Plugin with Lifetime Licence

What is WPML? WPML is a premium (paid) plugin built for WordPress websites. By extending the functionality of the WordPress CMS, WPML allows your website to be written in different languages and have front-end translation abilities. It also comes packed with advanced features for managing your site’s translation capacities while remaining professional to all that visit your site.

Setup and configure WPML

Setup and configure WPML plugins (For one website and one secondary language ‘bilingual’) Translate complete website (Pages, Plugins, Woocommerce shop and widgets and other Theme strings) with the help of POEDIT Pro industry-leading translation application or supplied translation text by the buyer.

WPML Multilingual Features:

  • Include WPML plugin Lifetime License
  • Translate posts
  • Pages and custom types
  • Translate tags
  • Categories and custom taxonomy
  • Translate WordPress menus
  • Standard translation controls
  • Browser language detection
  • Translate custom fields
  • Multilingual E-Commerce Support
  • Translate widgets
  • Translate texts in theme and plugins admin
  • Manage attachments in different languages
  • Multi-user translation management
  • CMS navigation
  • Sticky links
  • Lifetime free
  • Latest Plugin Updates

Important Note: WPML Plugin do not auto-translate anything (i.e. website/text/content), website developer/admin must configure the plugin and supply translations text.


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