09 Sep 2018

Secure Your WordPress Website

Secure Your WordPress Website

WordPress (WP) is a very power platform – nearly one in three websites on the Internet use WordPress. Because of it’s popularity, hackers use software to target websites using WP. Hackers attack vulnerabilities that are common with improperly or poorly configured WP websites. Protect your investment by having it professionally hardened against many threats your WP website. I will need access to your web server to do these jobs. cPanel or web hosting login will be required.

  • Basic WordPress Security Includes
  • Blocking problematic IPs
  • Aggressive Brute-force prevention
  • Enforcing strong passwords for all users
  • Protecting certain core WP system files
  • PHP execution restrictions
  • Disable unnecessary access points
  • Blocking behaviors typical with bots
  • Cloak many WP stamps
  • Database adjustments
  • Standard WordPress Security Includes
  • Secure Headers

Everything from Basic WP Security Removal of malware from your web server & database Premium WordPress Security Includes.

Everything from Basic WP Security One calendar year of keeping your website’s plugin and WordPress install up to date weekly.

Includes offsite backups, up-time monitoring, and security monitoring.

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